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The E-Zee Cut Gasket Cutting Machine is a low cost, east to use machine, that cuts gasket of any shape and size with speed and easy from all the conventional types of packing materials. It is easy to install and can be bolted only with two bolts (supplied with the machine) on any wooden bench table and can be carried anywhere in the workshop for its use.

This can be used in Ships, Shipyards, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, Shipbuilding Yards, Oil Refineries, Refineries, Refrigeration Plants, Paper Plants and allied industries.

The E-Zee Cut Gasket Cutting Machine can cut gaskets of Perfect round shapes from 2 inches (50.0mm) ID to 22 inches (560mm) O.D. with One Scale. Its use is extended by using another scale to cut perfect round shaped gaskets from 22 inches (560mm) I.D. to 42 inches (1066mm) O.D. in short time conveniently. Also this machine can be used to cut any odd shape and sizes and also of various materials up to 3mm thickness. For Gasket Thickness of 1.0mm below, it is advisable to insert Cardboard backing material in order to avoid Gasket folding at point of cutting.



Step-1             Cut out approximate raw size of gasket from roll

Step-2             Punch / drill a Hole of diameter 7/16 inches (11mm) in center of the cut gasket

Step-3             Lift the cutter of the machine by using its lever. Unscrew and take out know on                         pivot pin and mount punched / drilled gasket on pivot pin to reset on support                         plate and then tighten knob from top.

Step-4             Set Radius of required gasket size (half of diameter) after loosening lock screw                         and sliding movable scale in its slot, tighten the lock screw when the desired                         radius is adjusted.

Step-5             Lower the cutter by operating lever so that the cutter bites in the gasket.

Step-6             Hold the handle and start rotating it so that gasket starts rotating and the cutter                         will cut the circular gasket it its desired diameter. Continue to rotate the handle                         till the gasket is cut to its thickness.

Step-7             Lift the cutter by operating lever. Unscrew and take out knob and then remove                        desired circular gasket from pivot pin. Replace the knob on to the pivot pin.


Step-1             Cut out approximate raw size of gasket from roll.

Step-2             Mark the required irregular shape on gasket.

Step-3             Lift the cutter of the machine by using the lever.

Step-4             Loosen lock screw and slide moveable scale so that pivot arm does not obstruct                         the cutting action or if gasket to be cut is rather big enough, let the pivot pin                         support the gasket from bottom

Step-5             Bring the marked line on the gasket below cutting edge of the cutter.

Step-6             Lower the cutter by operating lever so that the cutter blade bites in the gasket                         on marked line.

Step-7             Hold the handle and start rotating it so that the gasket moves. Hold the gasket                         and feed it along the markings below the cutter. The cutter will cut the along                         gasket along the marking, as long as handle is rotated.

Step-8             Stop rotating the handle and after desires shape of gasket is fully out.

The “EZEE CUT” Gasket Cutting Machine is supplied with 

STANDARD accessories (Supplied with the Machine)

  • 1 No. Drill 10.0mm(Center Hole drilling prior to mounting)
  • 3 Nos. Laminated Flange Dimensions and Drilling Table to B.S. DIN & ANSI Standards
  • 1 No. Turn Table (for large diameter Circular Gaskets)
  • 1 No. Cutter Removal Key
  • 1 No. Cutter Alignment Key
  • 2 Nos. Stainless Steel Bolts & Nuts for mounting machine on Work Table.
  • 3 Nos. Laminated Tables for operating / Maintenance Instructions

Optional Accessories (At Extra Cost)

  • 1 Set Hole Saw cutters Kit (10 Pieces.) Size: 12mm – 45mm
  • Calibrated Center Bar to cut Circular Gaskets from 22” to 42” O.D.  P/No. OCCB 2242
  • HSS Spare cutter blade (Top Cutter Blade only), P/No: SCB 2222
  • 3/8” Electric Drill with Chuck (For using with Hole Saw Cutters)

The E-Zee Cut Gasket Cutting Machine can fabricate Gaskets from:

Gasket Material / Type                                                         Up to Thickness

Asbestos                                                                                 5.0 mm

Rubber / Neoprene                                                                 5.0 mm

Cloth Insert Sheet                                                                   3.0mm

Leather                                                                                    3.0mm

Cork                                                                                        5.0mm

Teflon Sheet                                                                            2.0mm

Nylon Sheet                                                                             1.0mm

Aluminium Sheet                                                         From 24 SWG Onwards

Galvanized Iron                                                           From 24 SWG Onwards

Tin Sheets                                                                   From 24 SWG Onwards

Brass Shims (Annealed)                                            From 26 SWG Onwards

Copper Shims (Annealed)                                          From 28 SWG Onwards



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