The ' E - ZEE ' Pneumatic Barrel Pump was engineered for efficiency transferring Lubricants and other non-corrosive fluids from Metal Barrel to Tanks, D.G. Sets, etc.

  • Ideal for pumping Lubricants, Solvents, Chemicals, etc., 
  • Light Weight 5.3 kgs. - easy to handle.
  • Reciprocating type - no air motor required.
  • Tube diameter 55mm, length 1117mm, easily inserted into Metal Barrels.
  • Input air pressure range 35 PSI to 100 PSI ( 2.3 kg / cm2 to 7 kg / cm2 ).
  • Variable Head depending on Fluid Viscosity and air pressure.
  • Air consumption between 5 to 17 CFM.
  • Pumps fluid viscosities between 0 to 1000 CPS.
  • Chrome plated Steel body resists corrosion.
  • Runs dry without damage.
  • Speedy transfer of Fluids without spillage.
  • Flow Control at outlet through Ball Valve.
  • Saves considerable time, resources & manpower.
  • Minimal maintenance Long life.
  • Spares available Ex Stock.
  • Detailed Service & Spare Parts manual with every pump.

Hindusthan Electric House offers 'E - ZEE' Pneumatic Barrel Pump, a lightweight & rugged pump designed to transfer Lube Oil & other non corrosive fluids from Metal Barrels to D.G. sets, Sumps & tanks.

E - ZEE Barrel Pump is extremely user friendly & has several advantages vis - a - vis conventional barrel pumps as it employs a reciprocating action over the traditional air motor & cylinder system which is expensive to maintain, cumbersome & requires numerous spares.

E - ZEE weighs 5.3 Kgs. and comes with a range of accessories & connections designed to be operational within a few minutes of unpacking.

Designed to pump non corrosive fluids between 0 - 1000 CPS viscosity, the pump can work on pressures between 35 - 100 PSI and has a variable head depending on air pressure & fluid viscosity. Air consumption is between 5 - 17 CFM.

A barrel of lube oil can be transferred within 6 minutes at 75 PSI at a head of 4 mtrs. Maximum head can go upto between 10 - 12 mtrs on lesser viscosity fluids. Horizontal transfer ranges between 30 - 40 mtrs from barrel to point of transfer.

Hard chromeplated steel body resist corrosion and internals are manufactured using top quality materials which require minimal maintenance & provide years of trouble free service.

The pump can run dry without damage eliminating operator error. Flow can be regulated at point of pumping through a ball valve, allowing for desired volumes to be transferred as the back flow pressure shuts down transfer immediately once the ball valve is closed without having to shut the air line.

Other advantages include speedy transfer without spillage & contamination, saving on manpower & resources & increasing productivity.  

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