Sanjay Maroo, CEO
Hindusthan Electric House


To introduce and spread the use of innovative and green products in the petroleum, automobile, core industrial and equipments sectors.   

The foundation
Incorporated in year 1990
Corporate office : Visakhapatnam - India.     

CEO of Hindusthan Electric House had international experience in trade and national experience in introducing new technologies ahead of its time in mining, steel and heavy industries.  

The Need

In order to be competitive globally and indigenously, Indian Industries must resort to effective production planning, effective utilization of available resources in a globally acceptable manner. Cost cutting by de-sizing workforce, reducing wages or employing child labor, adopting non eco-friendly processes are no longer a remedy. Successful International companies have adopted a know - why concept that includes a detailed analysis of production process. Since cost of production is related to cost of energy, effective utilization of energy assumes a greater significance. Hindusthan Electric House is contributing to the concept of effective utilization of energy. India depends heavily on imported petroleum products for its energy needs.

Our Resources

Collective international experience, exposure to world class technologies, modern management and logistic skills, support from International manufacturers and a dedicated team of professionals to assist customers to identify their problems. Products and Principals represented by Hindusthan Electric House exclusively.

Products & Principals represented by HEH exclusively
O'CUATRO (Argentina) -AirPrecleaners.
( Indian subcontinent and Middle East exclusive representation ).
A unique air precleaning system with 30 years experience in providing cost effective & innovative solutions to the Automotive & Industrial sector. O'CUATRO precleaners are designed to remove upto 99 % of contaminants viz: dust, sand, sparks, snow, leaves, etc. from air prior to entering the traditional filtration system. Benefits include substantial increase in air filter life, enhanced combustion, saving on fuel & lube oil as well as lower downtime on maintenance & increased life of engine. O'CUATRO has several designs suitable for various applications.

FUELMAGTM - Newzealand - (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka exclusive representation).
Diesel - decontamination units. Bacterial contamination is a major cause of reduced performance of diesel engines. Reduced performance increases fuel consumption, environment pollution and loss of revenue. A simple, inexpensive yet efficient system, Fuel Mag eliminates bacterial contamination in diesel for improved engine performance. Reports from all over India confirms that Fuel Mag is effective. Trials at ONGC, Indian Railways, Steel plants, State Transport Corporations have reported positive results.

BINAY LEDs - (Andhra Pradesh exclusive representation).
Binay Opto electronics the pioneer of LEDs in India have always come up with new and innovative products in the LED sector. Binay has the world patent for LED aviation obstruction light.

E-ZEE Cut (All India exclusive representation).
E-Zee Cut is an easy to use and cost effective gasket cutting machine. It is perfect for fabricating perfect gaskets in-house. To top it all, it is maintenance free and can be re-sharpened.


The list continues to expand as we grow with our ambitious diversification in introducing innovative & cost effective technologies, which have a substantial impact on enhancing efficiency of Automotive, Industrial & Marine sectors in India. 

Hindusthan Electric House vies to introduce these technologies in India.

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