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GOO-FAR - FUEL FILTER AND WATER SEPARATOR for diesel Water Separator and Fuel Filter for light Diesel Fuel. An entirely new unique system to ensure 100% solution to the problem of water and particulate in fuel. No replacement of filter (cartridge) required.
We are pleased to introduce  GOO-FAR , the next generation Water Separator and Fuel Filter for light Diesel Fuel from Turkey.

Both water and particulate matter can result in high wear and tear of fuel pumps and injectors, resulting in reduced reliability, higher fuel consumption and expensive engine repairs.  Traditional engine mounted filters and low cost gravity based water separators will not effectively remove water from the fuel. Such filters and separators tend to fail and in many occasions, they are bypassed, throwing the engine open to premature wear and tear - which is very expensive.

GOO-FAR Fuel filters & Water separator system offers a total solution to this problem through unique design involving a first in the world filter. The unique feature of this filter is that you do not have to replace filters (Cartridge) for several years. This is now available in Turkey and worldwide with our distributors.

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