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Goo-Far Fuel Performance Kits and Filtration Systems; is a brand name of the product manufactured by Armoni Engineering Metal Foreign Trade Ltd., which is dedicated to developing a full range of solutions to overcome the natural fuel deterioration process and can be used in all kinds of transportation vehicles, heavy equipments, commercial and recreational boats, generators, and power supplies.
Goo-Far Technology absolutely reverses the deterioration process, decrease and reduce the sizes of fuel particules and makes it perfect to be used in the most efficient way in your injectors and engine. This process brings you automatically a reduction and improvement at maintenance stopping time, increase the lifetimes of your injectors and filters, and increase the engine power by removing hydrocarbon chains from your fuel systems.
In Goo-Far Fuel Performance Systems, there is no mechanical moving system, no electrical connection to your engine and just cleans and improves your fuel automatically forever once it is installed.
It has inductive properties of the magnetic field separate the hydrocarbon chains.
It fits the field strength, polarity, flow rate and distances between components of the fuel; improves fuel combustion; eliminates carbon deposits on injectors and sludge formation.
It also reduces emissions.
Goo-Far Fuel Filtration Systems eliminate and prevent microbial contamination, and remove water, sludge and other contaminants from tanks. They stabilize your fuel and keep it clean to prevent otherwise unavoidable, costly periodic tank cleaning and replacing out of spec fuel.

Larger capacity, higher flow rate and custom engineered equipment than our standart products are available.
We work with owners, ship yards, naval architects and engineering firms in designing and manufacturing custom built, innovative fully automated fuel conditioning systems.
Goo-Far  Mobile, Portable & OnBoard Fuel Polishing - Filtering & Transfering Systems
Goo-Far Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems recondition, stabilize and decontaminate diesel fuel, bio-diesel, and light hydraulic fluids by efficiently removing water, sludge, and sediments that naturally accumulate in fuel storage tanks. It excels in combining High Capacity Filtration & Water Separation with Compact Design and Low Operating Cost to provide Optimal Fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance and Reliability.

Goo-Far Fuel Polishing and Transfer Systems remove water and sludge to keep your tanks clean and your stored fuel in "pristine condition" at all times. It decontaminates, cleans and optimizes the condition of the “fresh” fuel you take on board.

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