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Heart of any equipment is the Engine. Dust is the major killer of an Engine.
Dust  can enter an engine from different sources but the most common path of entry is through the air intake system. Airborne dirt particles ranging in size from 10 to 100 microns cause the maximum damage to the engine. One micron = 0.000039ths of an inch. Silicates are the most harmful particles which are of this size range. Silicates (sand) in the cylinders will crystallize to a diamond-like hardness when the engine operates.


0.0001 microns


0.001 microns

Metallurgical dust and fumes

1.0 microns

Clouds, Clay

10 microns

Fog, silt, fly ash, fertilizer, insecticide dust, ground talc

100 microns

Mist, fine sand, coal & cement dust, milled flour

1,000 microns

Drizzle, coarse sand

10,000 microns

Rain, gravel, beach sand

It takes only takes an average of eight (8) ounces of dirt to ruin an engine. Problems caused by even small amount of dirt getting past the filtration systems can be catastrophic. Premature wear of bearings, rings, and cylinder surfaces are some of the results of dirt entering the system. This would result in excessive oil consumption as worn cylinder walls and rings would allow lubricant into the combustion chamber.


Dynamic air precleaner from the house of Oblans from Argentina is the answer to your problems. O’Cuatro air precleaners which is also sold in different brands in different countries – like Parker, Hyundai, New Holland, Terex, Dust Busters etc is the world’s leading air precleaner . O’cuatro have the biggest range of air precleaner and has solution to all the engines / equipments.

O’cuatro air precleaners are available in different models -
MO/GR Series - Suitable for Earth Moving Machinery, Agriculture and Stationary Applications.
FU series This unique air precleaner has double air intake and is suitable for trucks.
KC Series- Suitable for Earth Moving Machinery,  Trucks, Agriculture and Stationary Applications.
PB/ PP Series- Suitable for Under Hood Application also for Stationary indoor applications.
MO/ GR Bull Nose Series- Suitable for Compressors, Earth Moving Machinary, On-Highway engine application etc.
C Series- Combination series having Dyanamic air precleaner combined with Housing for Dry filter element – Suitable for Earth Moving Machinery,  Trucks, Agriculture and Stationary Applications.

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