Economy LED Aviation Obstruction Light

Binay's Model 'C' LED Aviation Obstruction Light offers a cost-effective alternative for LED aviation light indication, while still providing light intensity conforming to ICAO Low Intensity standards

Recent developments in LED technology have led to the introduction of 'superflux' or 'power' LEDs, which provide higher intensities, although at higher currents (and consequently, have greater power consumption).

Binay is constantly keeping abreast of such devel-opments in the optoelectronics field, and has suc-ceeded in developing a smaller version - Model 'C' - of the standard LED Aviation Obstruction Light (which are the Models 'A' and 'B') utilising these high intensity, high power LEDs. While this is a smaller unit, it still conforms to the standards for Low Intensity Aviation Lights as set by the In-ternational Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) specification (Appendix 14).

This Model 'C' Light utilises fewer LEDs and has a greater power consumption than Models 'A' and 'B'. It also has only two built-in redundancy circuits (Model 'A' has five separate circuits). If one circuit fails due to some remote possibility, the other circuit will still function.

Installation is by means of screwing the light on to a " threaded pipe or rod. Cable entry can be through the pipe or by means of an external terminal con-nection.

The body is epoxy-painted in Aviation Yellow colour.

The Model 'C' Aviation Obstruction Light is basically targeted for applications such as Cellular/Mobile Phone towers, which are of low height.