PowerLED Hand Lamp

The BINAY PowerLED Hand Lamp provides a long-life and reliable solid-state illumination solution for
industrial work inspection illumination applications

BINAY PowerLED Hand Lamps utilize a light source comprised of multiple high power white LEDs, and offer the following benefits:

  • Very low power consumption only 6-8 watts at 240VAC
  • Long life (over 50,000 burning hours), which ensures zero maintenance costs; covered under 2-year warranty
  • Greatly reduced fire hazard; As the light source is non-incandescent in nature, the unit does not heated even with prolonged use
  • Completely shock proof, as the light source is comprised of solid state power light emitting diodes, with no filament to break
  • Cool light output, with no heat radiation; NO infra-red or ultra-violet radiation
  • Light and portable; robust and sturdy design
  • Directional light, focusing only on the work area, thus no glare to the eye
  • Low voltage operation at light source, hence no danger of electric shock
  • Environment-friendly operation (as they contain no mercury or heavy metals, as in fluorescent lights)

Being light and portable in nature, the BINAY PowerLED Hand Lamp is ideal for use in work inspection illumination in the factory. The light output pattern is designed to be directional, so that the user is not affected by glare to the eyes.

The housing of the unit is made of corrosion-protected aluminium, and is provided with an insulated handle made of durable nylon. The power LED light sources are protected by means of a grill on top. A double-sheath ISI-grade cable (of minimum length 2 meters) is provided for power input. The sturdy construction enables the unit to withstand a drop test from 1 meter height on to concrete, without any noticeable damage occurring to the main housing.

The unit is designed to be safe and shock-proof, and the product housing is tested to withstand a dielectric breakdown insulation test of 2KV between input terminal and body. The insulation resistance is greater than 500 megohms.

Two models are available:

MODELS Wattage Lumens Effective visual equivalent to filament lamp of:
BINAY model HL-4P PowerLED High Intensity LED Hand Lamp 6W 400lumens 60W filament bulb
BINAY model HL-6P PowerLED High Intensity LED Hand Lamp 9W 800lumens 100W filament bulb

Technical Specifications of Binay PowerLED Hand Lamp

Dimensions of light head: 250mm (Length) x 140mm (Width) x 51mm (Height with grill); Length of handle: An additional 115mm
Weight: 725 grams
Input voltage: 230VAC, but can be manufactured to other voltage ratings also
Current rating: 350mA (supplied by included SMPS)
Wattage: 6-8 watts
Colour: Cool White

Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate