Conserve energy with Binay's energy-efficient, long-life Integral LED Modules for panel indication

BINAY cluster LED Modules for panel indication are essentially one-to-one replacements for different types of filament indication lights. Although at first glance the price seems rather high, when one consid-ers that the life is 100 times that of a filament lamp (which has a nominal life of only 1000 hours provided it is properly manufactured), the aspect of economy is brought into the correct perspective. Of greater importance is the question of reliability of identification; if the lamp fails at a crucial moment, the safety of valuable equipment (or even of human lives) can be at stake. A further consideration lies in the fact that use of our LED Modules can effect considerable economy in electric power costs.

A COMPARATIVE COST-CALCULATION of the savings effected by our LED Modules as compared to a standard 220V/15W-filament bulb is given below:

15W Filament
Indication Lamp
Binay Integral
LED Module
Initial cost Rs. 8.00 Rs.170.00
Wattage 15 W 0.5 W
Life 1000 hours 1,00,000 hours
Replacement per year 8.76 lamps 0.0876 lamps
Capital cost per year Rs. 70.00 Rs. 14.90
Units of Electricity (kWH) consumed/year 131.40 4.38
Cost of above electricity:

@ Rs.2.00 per unit Rs.262.80 Rs. 8.76
@ Rs.4.00 per unit Rs.525.60 Rs. 17.52
Total cost per year @ Rs.2.00 Rs.332.80 Rs. 23.66
Total cost per year @ Rs.4.00 Rs.595.60 Rs. 32.42

It is easily seen that each LED Module effects a saving of more than Rs. 300.00 per year (on a recurring basis, each year) over the conventional filament bulb. Consequently, significant savings can be realised annually in any plant requiring various types of indications. For example, if there are say 500 indication points in a plant, the total yearly savings on electricity costs alone will be approximately Rs.1,50,000.00 (Rs. ONE AND A HALF LAKHS), apart from the economy effected as a result of the indefinite life of the LED indicator (which requires no replacement when fitted). As such, the cost of the LED indicator is recovered in the first year of use itself.

The high reliability is basically due to the solid-state nature of the LED, which also lends it vibration-resistant and shock-proof properties in contrast to the fragility of conventional filament bulbs. If the LED circuit is properly designed, the diode will not be overloaded; most BINAY LED Modules can with-stand a voltage increase of more than 25V with no effect on the life.