The Binay LED Heavy Duty Electric Line Tester is a sturdy, reliable, and convenient product which has been designed for the purpose of line voltage testing in industrial environments

Electric Maintenance personnel in industry normally test 415VAC phase-to-phase voltage with a makeshift arrangement in which two 220VAC GLS bulbs are connected in series. This arrangement generally incurs heavy consumption of GLS bulbs due to breakage and theft.

The Binay LED Heavy Duty Line Tester has been developed for line testing in harsh industrial conditions, and offers the fol-lowing features:
  • Compact and sturdy construction, suitably ruggedised for industrial use
  • Maintenance-free reliable indication by means of long-life solid-state light emitting diodes (LEDs), making it completely shock-proof and vibration-resistant.
  • Apart from indicating the condition of the line, the ability to provide a approximate idea of the magnitude of voltage on the tested line, by means of a flashing indication as follows:
25V - 60VAC (approx.): Very slow flash rate
220VAC (approx.): Fast flash rate
Above 400VAC: Practically steady
25V - 60VDC (approx.) : Very slow flash rate
110VDC: (approx.) : Fast flash rate
150V - 220VDC: (approx.): Fast flicker/Steady

Note: At 400V, the tester should not be allowed to light up for more than one minute
  • The capability of differentiating between AC and DC; on AC, indication occurs with either polarity of connection, and on DC, indication will be polarity-sensitive.
Construction:The tester body is made of unbreakable insulating thermosetting material (bakelite). The electrical components and circuitry are further insulated in a Module made of DMC material, (which has excellent insula-tion properties), fitted inside the bakelite body. Two meter-type test prods, each 9cm long, are provided for connecting to the test points. A clip on the Tester body allows the user to attach it to his waist belt, so that both hands are free for using the test prods. The prods can be neatly tied to the tester body when not in use by means of a provided leather belt.

The Binay LED Heavy Duty Line Tester is priced at Rs. 360 each, ex-works, Calcutta. Packing and forwarding extra at 3%; postage/freight/insurance as at actual. Sales tax extra as applicable. Excise extra as applicable at the time of delivery. Payment: 100% on documents through bank, or on COD basis.